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TexPrint XP Dye-Sublimation Paper

USA Manufactured

U.S.A. manufacturer of affordable, easy to operate, manual textile screen printing equipment.

The latest technology features the Essentials Equipment line of manual printers, UPS-shippable dryers and a heat transfer system through The compact design of all equipment offers space saving advantages in tight work areas.

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Price: $3.95
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Model: TexPrintXP

  TexPrint XP High Release Paper

TexprintXP high release paper provides consistent performance from the inkjet printer through to the heat press. TexprintXP renders the richest colors and maintains truest tone, print to print. Soft surface application or hard, TexprintXP gets the job done right, everytime.

TexprintXP is designed to resist cockelling during inkjet printing, dry quickly to the touch and rewind without wet-transfer. TexprintXP's silicate coating forms a vertical grid. When heated, inks filling the grid outgas, creating a vertical plume of heated dye-gas emanating from the print sheet surface. The directed flow of gaseous dye results in the richest color application to irregular receptor surfaces.

Better definition - higher transfer efficiency - q
uick dry - consistency - easier - better!

8.5" X 11" 110 sheet box $3.95  SOLD OUT

8.5" X 14" 110 sheet box  $4.95  SOLD OUT

11" X 17"  110 sheet box  $6.95  SOLD OUT

17" X 22"  110 sheet box  $9.95  SOLD OUT

8.5" X 110'  ROLL   $3.95

17" X 110'   ROLL   $6.95


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